Tuesday, September 29

The Biodynamic Acre

I have started a 'trial' of biodynamic treatments on one acre. I am using Aracaria's Preparation 500 which is "made from cow manure that has been buried in cow horns during the cooler months of the year. It enlivens the soil by improving soil structure and microbiological activity, promotes humus formation and water holding capacity. Our manure comes from our own lactating cows and the horns have been buried on our farm."

P500 contains 15g of 500 blended with 10g of biodynamic Cow Pat Pit compost. The CPP contains the biodynamic preparations 502 - 507 (yarrow, chamomile, oak bark, nettle, dandelion and valerian) and is also made on our farm using our own biodynamic cow manure. CPP further enhances fungi and bacteria growth."

I put the P500 into a stainless steel bucket of rain water and stirred for one hour making a vortex or crater in one direction and then reversing the direction and making a vortex in the other direction.
The stirred preparation was then sprinkled with a whisk brush over the ploughed acre.
All a bit mystical but I'll be interested to see the results in the vegetables and fruits produced. It certainly can't hurt...though I did administer on a full moon which may be not the best time.

Monday, August 24

Back burning

It was perfect this weekend for back burning - dry grass, cool temperatures and the chance of rain. Still sat and watched the grass burn until the rain came and put out the fires. We desperately need to burn off the dry grass and wood in the trees behind the house but will have to wait for a north westerly breeze to blow the smoke away from the house.

Winter Wonderland

 For the first time we had snow that stayed on the ground in July- 15cm for three days. Good snowman making snow too. However, not what we needed in the middle of the lambing season and we lost about 6 lambs.

Thursday, September 25

Sunday, September 21

Storm Clouds

 Before the storm looking east. The light was almost yellow and birds were flying west to get into the woods for shelter. You have to be strong of mind to live somewhere with this much sky!

Saturday, September 20

It treally does snow at Daramalan

This was in mid August - a really cold, grey day when all we could do was stoke the fire and watch old movies. An hour of snow and everything was white, an hour after that it had all gone.

Monday, September 15

Grinding the Blades

We have just finished shearing the Border Leicester flock rams and the First Cross ewes. Big thanks to Craig, Rick and Justin for their great work and patience in the wet weather. Every sheep on the property has now been sheared, drenched and back lined, the latter because of a neighbour's roguing lice-ridden sheep!!

Now it's time to fix up the fences and tidy up around the place. My to do list never seems to get any shorter and maintaining the fences is a bit like painting the Harbour Bridge but it has to be done. Better in the warmer days we are having now than the cold and wet July and August.