Thursday, September 25

Sunday, September 21

Storm Clouds

 Before the storm looking east. The light was almost yellow and birds were flying west to get into the woods for shelter. You have to be strong of mind to live somewhere with this much sky!

Saturday, September 20

It treally does snow at Daramalan


This was in mid August - a really cold, grey day when all we could do was stoke the fire and watch old movies. An hour of snow and everything was white, an hour after that it had all gone.

Monday, September 15

Grinding the Blades

We have just finished shearing the Border Leicester flock rams and the First Cross ewes. Big thanks to Craig, Rick and Justin for their great work and patience in the wet weather. Every sheep on the property has now been sheared, drench and back lined, the latter because of a neighbour's roguing lice-ridden sheep!!

Now it's time to fix up the fences and tidy up around the place. My to do list never seems to get any shorter and maintaining the fences is a bit like painting the Harbour Bridge but it has to be done. Better in the warmer days we are having now than the cold and wet July and August.

Moonlit Yards

The sheep yards are best viewed by moonlight - that way I can't see all the work that needs to be done to repair the damage. Some days it feels like every gate is off its hinges and every panel has a gap big enough for a sheep to push through. Even the race needs resurfacing and re-fencing. It will all have to be done this month prior to lamb marking....and the moon is new on September 24th so now is the time!!

Fire in the Sprinter Sky

Now that winter is almost over thought I should post a classic Daramalan winter sky. Few more cloudscapes to follow in the next few weeks. We have had a wet winter's end - so much so that I agree with recent calls to drop the four seasons and adopt a five season model incorporating "Sprinter" and "Sprummer" and dropping Autumn altogether.

After all splitting the year into four seasons is arbitrary and the Indigenous Australians had anywhere from two to six to mark changes in the climate. Why should continue to adopt a European convention that dates back to pagan times?

While we are at it maybe we could have a joint Republic and Seasons referendum - that would put the PUP amongst the pigeons.

View envy

I thought that the Daramalan views were good but this is spectacular!! South of Cowra and looking north to Wyangala dam from a 30 acre slice of paradise. Plenty of work to be done and fun to be had!